CellProfiler 4.2.6 (Release notes)

         CellProfiler 4.2.6 and CellProfiler 4.2.5 should be functionally identical for users of the built application available via link below.
         Users of CellProfiler 4.2.5 can feel free to stick to their current version.

We have received some reports that CellProfiler stops working after upgrading to OS 14 (Sonoma). We are working to trace and resolve the issue, but we have anecdotal evidence that a re-install of CellProfiler may help.

Note 1: On Mac, after downloading, put CellProfiler in your Applications folder and ctrl-click (or right-click) and choose Open. Otherwise, you will receive a warning: “CellProfiler can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”.

Note 2: Ignore the warning “Error loading pipeline file” - just click OK.

Note: On Windows, after downloading and launching CellProfiler, if you get the “Windows protected your PC” message, click “More info” to allow you to hit “Run anyway” to install.

Windows users encountering errors with the MeasureImageQuality module should download update KB4598291 from Microsoft, available here

If CellProfiler will not open, you may need to install the Visual C++ Redistributable available at this link

After June 28th, 2023, if you try to download CellProfiler from a very old browser, you might not be able to due to updated AWS security procedures. 

Source code available on Github

Previous CellProfiler releases