Module: SendEmail

SendEmail send emails to a specified address at desired stages of the analysis run.
This module sends email about the current progress of the image processing. You can specify how often emails are sent out (for example, after the first cycle, after the last cycle, after every N cycles, after N cycles). This module should be placed at the point in the pipeline when you want the emails to be sent. If email sending fails for any reason, a warning message will appear but processing will continue regardless.


Sender address

Enter the address for the email's "From" field.

Subject line

Enter the text for the email's subject line. If you have metadata associated with your images, you can use metadata tags here. You can insert a previously defined metadata tag by either using: The inserted metadata tag will appear in green. To change a previously inserted metadata tag, navigate the cursor to just before the tag and either:
For instance, if you have plate metadata, you might use the line, "CellProfiler: processing plate " and insert the metadata tag for the plate at the end. Please see the Metadata module for more details on metadata collection and usage.

Server name

Enter the address of your SMTP server. You can ask your network administrator for your outgoing mail server which is often made up of part of your email address, e.g., "". You might be able to find this information by checking your settings or preferences in whatever email program you use.


Enter your server's SMTP port. The default (25) is the port used by most SMTP servers. Your network administrator may have set up SMTP to use a different port; also, the connection security settings may require a different port.

Select connection security

Select the connection security. Your network administrator can tell you which setting is appropriate, or you can check the settings on your favorite email program.

Username and password required to login?

Select Yes if you need to enter a username and password to authenticate.


Enter your server's SMTP username.


Enter your server's SMTP password.

Recipient address

Enter the address to which the messages will be sent.

When should the email be sent?

Select the kind of event that causes SendEmail to send an email. You have the following choices:

Image cycle number

(Used only if sending email after a particular cycle number)
Send an email during processing of the given image cycle. For instance, if you enter 4, then SendEmail will send an email during processing of the fourth image cycle.

Image cycle count

(Used only if sending email after every N cycles)
Send an email each time this number of image cycles have been processed. For instance, if you enter 4, then SendEmail will send an email during processing of the fourth, eighth, twelfth, etc. image cycles.

Message text

The body of the message sent from CellProfiler. Your message can include metadata values. For instance, if you group by plate and want to send an email after processing each plate, you could use the message "Finished processing plate \g<Plate>".