Module: OverlayOutlines

Overlay Outlines places outlines produced by an Identify module over a desired image.
This module places outlines (in a special format produced by an Identify module) on any desired image (grayscale, color, or blank). The resulting image can be saved using the SaveImages module.

See also IdentifyPrimaryObjects, IdentifySecondaryObjects, IdentifyTertiaryObjects.


Display outlines on a blank image?

Select Yes to produce an image of the outlines on a black background.

Select No, the module will overlay the outlines on an image of your choosing.

Select image on which to display outlines

(Used only when a blank image has not been selected)
Choose the image to serve as the background for the outlines. You can choose from images that were loaded or created by modules previous to this one.

Name the output image

Enter the name of the output image with the outlines overlaid. This image can be selected in later modules (for instance, SaveImages).

Outline display mode

Specify how to display the outline contours around your objects. Color outlines produce a clearer display for images where the cell borders have a high intensity, but take up more space in memory. Grayscale outlines are displayed with either the highest possible intensity or the same intensity as the brightest pixel in the image.

Select method to determine brightness of outlines

(Used only when outline display mode is grayscale)
The following options are possible for setting the intensity (brightness) of the outlines: If your image is quite dim, then putting bright white lines onto it may not be useful. It may be preferable to make the outlines equal to the maximal brightness already occurring in the image.

Width of outlines

Enter the width, in pixels, of the outlines to be displayed on the image.

Select outlines to display

Choose outlines to display, from a previous Identify module. Each of the Identify modules has a checkbox that determines whether the outlines are saved. If you have checked this, you were asked to supply a name for the outline; you can then select that name here.

Load outlines from an image or objects?

Prior versions of OverlayOutlines would only display outline images which were optional outputs of the identify modules. For legacy pipelines or to continue using the outline images instead of objects, choose Image. Choose Objects to create the image directly from the objects. This option will improve the functionality of the contrast options for this module's interactive display and will save memory.

Select objects to display

Choose the objects whose outlines you would like to display.