Module: MergeOutputFiles

MergeOutputFiles merges several output .mat files into one.
This data tool lets you collect the output .mat files from several runs, for instance, as might be created by running CellProfiler in batch mode.

MergeOutputFiles is a pure data tool; you cannot use it as a module, and it will generate an error if you try to do so. To use it as a data tool, choose it from the Data Tools menu to bring up the MergeOutputFiles dialog.

The dialog has the following parts:

Once merged, this output file will be compatible with other data tools. Output files can be quite large, so prior to merging, be sure that the total size of the merged output file is of a reasonable size to be opened on your computer (based on the amount of memory available on your computer). It may be preferable instead to import data from individual output files directly into a database using ExportDatabase as a data tool.

See also CreateBatchFiles, ExportToDatabase.