Module: MeasureObjectSizeShape

Measure Object Size Shape measures several area and shape features of identified objects.
Given an image with identified objects (e.g. nuclei or cells), this module extracts area and shape features of each one. Note that these features are only reliable for objects that are completely inside the image borders, so you may wish to exclude objects touching the edge of the image using IdentifyPrimaryObjects.

Please note that the display window for this module shows per-image aggregates for the per-object measurements. If you want to view the per-object measurements themselves, you will need to use ExportToSpreadsheet to export them, or use DisplayDataOnImage to display the object measurements of choice overlaid on an image of choice.

Available measurements

See the Technical Notes below for an explanation of creating an ellipse with the same second-moments as an object region.

Technical notes

A number of the object measurements are generated by creating an ellipse with the same second-moments as the original object region. This is essentially the best-fitting ellipse for a given object with the same statistical properties. Furthermore, they are not affected by the translation or uniform scaling of a region.

The Zernike features are computed within the minimum enclosing circle of the object, i.e., the circle of the smallest diameter that contains all of the object's pixels.


See also MeasureImageAreaOccupied.


Select objects to measure

Select the objects that you want to measure.

Calculate the Zernike features?

Select Yes to calculate the Zernike shape features. Since the first 10 Zernike polynomials (from order 0 to order 9) are calculated, this operation can be time consuming if the image contains a lot of objects.