Module: MeasureCorrelation

Measure Correlation measures the correlation between intensities in different images (e.g., different color channels) on a pixel-by-pixel basis, within identified objects or across an entire image.
Given two or more images, this module calculates the correlation between the pixel intensities. The correlation can be measured for entire images, or a correlation measurement can be made within each individual object.

Correlations will be calculated between all pairs of images that are selected in the module, as well as between selected objects. For example, if correlations are to be measured for a set of red, green, and blue images containing identified nuclei, measurements will be made between the following:

Available measurements


Select an image to measure

Select an image to measure the correlation from.

Select where to measure correlation

You can measure the correlation in several ways: All methods measure correlation on a pixel by pixel basis.

Select an object to measure

Select the objects to be measured.