Module: LabelImages

LabelImages assigns plate metadata to image sets.
LabelImages assigns a plate number, well and site number to each image set based on the order in which they are processed. You can use Label Images to add plate and well metadata for images loaded using Order for "Image set matching order" in NamesAndTypes. < b>LabelImages assumes the following are true of the image order:

Available measurements

See also the Metadata module.


Number of image sites per well

This setting controls the number of image sets for each well

Number of columns per plate

Enter the number of columns per plate

Number of rows per plate

The number of rows per plate

Order of image data

This setting specifies how the input data is ordered (assuming that sites within a well are ordered consecutively):

For instance, the SBS Bioimage example (available here) has files that are named:
You would use "Row" to label these because the ordering is by row and then by column.