Module: IdentifyObjectsManually

Identify Objects Manually allows you to identify objects in an image by hand rather than automatically.
This module lets you outline the objects in an image using the mouse. The user interface has several mouse tools:


Select the input image

Choose the name of the image to display in the object selection user interface.

Name the objects to be identified

What do you want to call the objects that you identify using this module? You can use this name to refer to your objects in subsequent modules.

Retain outlines of the identified objects?

Select Yes to retain the outlines of the new objects for later use in the pipeline. For example, a common use is for quality control purposes by overlaying them on your image of choice using the OverlayOutlines module and then saving the overlay image with the SaveImages module.

Name the outlines

(Used only if the outline image is to be retained for later use in the pipeline)
Enter a name for the outlines of the identified objects. The outlined image can be selected in downstream modules by selecting them from any drop-down image list.