Module: IdentifyObjectsInGrid

Identify Objects In Grid identifies objects within each section of a grid that has been defined by the DefineGrid module.
This module identifies objects that are contained within in a grid pattern, allowing you to measure the objects using Measure modules. It requires you to have defined a grid earlier in the pipeline, using the DefineGrid module.

For several of the automatic options, you will need to enter the names of previously identified objects. Typically, this module is used to refine locations and/or shapes of objects of interest that you roughly identified in a previous Identify module. Within this module, objects are re-numbered according to the grid definitions rather than their original numbering from the earlier Identify module.

If placing the objects within the grid is impossible for some reason (the grid compartments are too close together to fit the proper sized circles, for example) the grid will fail and processing will be canceled unless you choose to re-use a grid from a previous successful image cycle.

Special note on saving images: You can use the settings in this module to pass object outlines along to the OverlayOutlinesmodule and then save them with the SaveImages module. You can also pass along objects themselves to the object processing module ConvertToImage and then save them with the SaveImages module.

Available measurements

Image measurements: Object measurements:

See also DefineGrid.


Select the defined grid

Select the name of a grid created by a previous DefineGrid module.

Name the objects to be identified

Enter the name of the grid objects identified by this module. These objects will be available for further measurement and processing in subsequent modules.

Select object shapes and locations

Use this setting to choose the method to be used to determine the grid objects' shapes and locations:

Specify the circle diameter automatically?

(Used only if Circle is selected as object shape)
There are two methods for selecting the circle diameter:

Circle diameter

(Used only if Circle is selected as object shape and diameter is specified manually)
Enter the diameter to be used for each grid circle, in pixels. To measure distances in an open image, use the "Measure length" tool under Tools in the display window menu bar. If you click on an image and drag, a line will appear between the two endpoints, and the distance between them shown at the right-most portion of the bottom panel.

Select the guiding objects

(Used only if Circle is selected as object shape and diameter is specified automatically, or if Natural Location is selected as the object shape)
Select the names of previously identified objects that will be used to guide the shape and/or location of the objects created by this module, depending on the method chosen.

Retain outlines of the identified objects?

Select Yes to retain the outlines of the new objects for later use in the pipeline. For example, a common use is for quality control purposes by overlaying them on your image of choice using the OverlayOutlines module and then saving the overlay image with the SaveImages module.

Name the outline image

(Used only if the outline image is to be retained for later use in the pipeline)
Enter a name for the outlines of the identified objects. The outlined image can be selected in downstream modules by selecting them from any drop-down image list.