Testing Your Pipeline

Before starting an analysis run, you can test the pipeline settings on a selected image cycle using the Test mode option on the main menu. Test mode allows you to run the pipeline on a selected image, preview the results and adjust the module settings on the fly.

To enter Test mode once you have built a pipeline, choose Test > Start Test Mode from the menu bar in the main window. At this point, you will see the following features appear:

You can run your pipeline in Test mode by selecting Test > Step to Next Module or clicking the Run or Step buttons at the bottom of the pipeline panel. The pipeline will execute normally, but you will be able to back up to a previous module or jump to a downstream module, change module settings to see the results, or execute the pipeline on the image of your choice. The additional controls allow you to do the following:

From the Test menu, you can choose additional options:

Note that if movies are being loaded, the individual movie is defined as a group automatically. Selecting Choose Image Group will allow you to choose the movie file, and Choose Image Set will let you choose the individual movie frame from that file.

Please see the Groups module for more details on the proper use of metadata for grouping