Module: FlipAndRotate

Flip and rotate flips (mirror image) and/or rotates an image

Available measurements


Select method to flip image

Select how the image is to be flipped.

Select method to rotate image

Crop away the rotated edges?

(Used only when rotating images)
When an image is rotated, there will be black space at the corners/edges; select Yes to crop away the incomplete rows and columns of the image, or select No to leave it as-is.

This cropping will produce an image that is not exactly the same size as the original, which may affect downstream modules.

Calculate rotation

(Used only when using "Use mouse" to rotate images)
Select the cycle(s) at which the calculation is requested and calculated.

Select how the specified points should be aligned

(Used only when using "Enter coordinates" to rotate images)
Specify whether you would like the coordinate points that you entered to be horizontally or vertically aligned after the rotation is complete.

Enter angle of rotation

(Used only when using "Enter angle" to rotate images)
Enter the angle you would like to rotate the image. This setting is in degrees, with positive angles corresponding to counterclockwise and negative as clockwise.