Module: DisplayDataOnImage

Display Data On Image produces an image with measured data on top of identified objects.
This module displays either a single image measurement on an image of your choosing, or one object measurement per object on top of every object in an image. The display itself is an image which you can save to a file using SaveImages.


Display object or image measurements?

Select the input objects

(Used only when displaying object measurements)
Choose the name of objects identified by some previous module (such as IdentifyPrimaryObjects or IdentifySecondaryObjects).

Measurement to display

Choose the measurement to display. This will be a measurement made by some previous module on either the whole image (if displaying a single image measurement) or on the objects you selected.

Select the image on which to display the measurements

Choose the image to be displayed behind the measurements. This can be any image created or loaded by a previous module. If you have chosen not to display the background image, the image will only be used to determine the dimensions of the displayed image

Text color

This is the color that will be used when displaying the text.

Name the output image that has the measurements displayed

The name that will be given to the image with the measurements superimposed. You can use this name to refer to the image in subsequent modules (such as SaveImages).

Image elements to save

This setting controls the level of annotation on the image:

Annotation offset (in pixels)

Add a pixel offset to the measurement. Normally, the text is placed at the object (or image) center, which can obscure relevant features of the object. This setting adds a specified offset to the text, in a random direction.

Display mode

(Used only when displaying object measurements)
Choose how to display the measurement information. If you choose Text, DisplayDataOnImage will display the numeric value on top of each object. If you choose Color, DisplayDataOnImage will convert the image to grayscale, if necessary, and display the portion of the image within each object using a hue that indicates the measurement value relative to the other objects in the set using the default color map.

Color map

(Used only when displaying object measurements)
This is the color map used as the color gradient for coloring the objects by their measurement values.

Display background image?

Choose whether or not to display the measurements on a background image. Usually, you will want to see the image context for the measurements, but it may be useful to save just the overlay of the text measurements and composite the overlay image and the original image later. Choose "Yes" to display the measurements on top of a background image or "No" to display the measurements on a black background.