Module: CorrectIlluminationApply

Correct Illumination - Apply applies an illumination function, usually created by CorrectIlluminationCalculate, to an image in order to correct for uneven illumination (uneven shading).

This module applies a previously created illumination correction function, either loaded by LoadSingleImage or created by CorrectIlluminationCalculate. This module corrects each image in the pipeline using the function specified.

See also CorrectIlluminationCalculate.


Select the input image

Select the image to be corrected.

Name the output image

Enter a name for the corrected image.

Select the illumination function

Select the illumination correction function image that will be used to carry out the correction. This image is usually produced by another module or loaded as a .mat format image using the Images module or LoadSingleImage.

Select how the illumination function is applied

This choice depends on how the illumination function was calculated and on your physical model of the way illumination variation affects the background of images relative to the objects in images; it is also somewhat empirical.