Module: ConvertObjectsToImage

Convert Objects To Image converts objects you have identified into an image.

This module allows you to take previously identified objects and convert them into an image according to a colormap you select, which can then be saved with the SaveImages modules.

If you would like to save your objects but do not need a colormap, you can by bypass this module and use the SaveImages module directly by specifying "Objects" as the type of image to save.


Select the input objects

Choose the name of the objects you want to convert to an image.

Name the output image

Enter the name of the resulting image.

Select the color format

Select which colors the resulting image should use. You have the following options: You can choose Color with a Gray colormap to produce jumbled gray objects.

Select the colormap

(Used only if Color output image selected)
Choose the colormap to be used, which affects how the objects are colored. You can look up your default colormap under File > Preferences.